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Iconic Diamond Vintage Engagement Rings - The Solitaires to Buy

The allure of the diamond solitaires is always in demand, especially when someone is getting engaged. Everyone wants to have the precious diamond solitaires from the best jewellers in Perth to make their auspicious days memorable for a lifetime.

So, let’s give it a more exceptional and equisetic look with the perfect vintage diamond rings. The antique styles and classic vintage evoke antique jewellery's character and give you a royal vintage look.

The marvelous antique 90s design has always been in the trend. Here we've represented some of the elegant vintage diamond ring designs that are perfect for the engagement day. The brilliant diamond cuts and vintage design is a fabulous combination. So, let's explore them.

Tulip Diamond Ring and Bespoke Design

The bespoke antique diamond vintage ring is crafted in unique size and merely looks gorgeous on brides' hands. Elegant diamond cut and vintage theme make it even more classy and royal for the engagement.

Another impeccable pattern is the Tulip diamond ring. This vintage ring brilliantly designs in the round cut diamond within the setting of the claw. Tulip ring has an arched halo that adds exquisite beauty and boldness in the ring.

Opera and Vienna Ring

Vienna vintage style diamond rings are perfect for an engagement. The overlapping diamond shoulder cuts capture the attention of everyone, and the classic vintage round brilliant cut diamond rests beautifully in the claw settings.

Their antique details pull the seekers' attention, and narrow bands give them more cherished and unique looks.

The opera diamond rings combine the brilliant-cut of diamond with an ornate halo grain set. It looks stylish, elegant, and classic.

Charleston and Fern Rings

The Charleston style vintage engagement rings are mixed with hand-engraved edges and tiffany settings. The sparkling diamond and vintage design set a unique style statement for the engagement.

When it comes to the vintage ring, the fern remains the top in the popularity meter. Diamond surrounded by the trefoil claws looks stylish and vintage at the same time.

Old Cut Diamond Vintage Rings

Where the above diamond rings from the best jewellers in Perth give the essence of the vintage, this old cut diamond vintage ring is a perfect example of the 90s vintage engagement ring. The old-cut diamond features elegance of the late 90s period.

The bold cut of diamonds with the old art deco design separates it from all the bespoke diamond ring designs. This rare diamond solitaire is perfect for engagement and makes it more memorable.

Final Thoughts

Engagement is once in a lifetime moment, and everyone wants to make it more promising and unique than others. Thus, there's nothing better than having the perfect vintage diamond solitaire for this special occasion.

These unique and vintage style rings are a perfect example of love and uniqueness. Make your auspicious occasion and once in a lifetime moment more auspicious with these vintage diamond solitaires and feel the moment of love forever.

The argyle pink diamonds- a beyond rare collection

The precious stone embedded within your preferred diamond earrings is exactly what you look out for. They add colour and lustre to any simple looking studs. In the end, everything is about the colour play. In addition to the fact that they are idle for cocktail parties and different events, they additionally have sentimental qualities.

Argyle pink diamonds earrings are the symbol of ultimate rarity, transcendent beauty and amazement. They are the most fascinating diamonds in history. Admired for its elegant and graceful beauty and origin, the Argyle pink diamond is termed as the most desired diamond in the world.

About the origin of the Argyle pink diamond:

Settled in the remote corner of Western Australian, 3040 kilometres from the capital, Perth, exists one of the world's incredible wild areas and the exceptional origin of Argyle pink jewels. It is a land with the rough red landscape, expanded waterways and a large variety of flora and fauna. Nowhere else in the world you will be able to find such a rare gem of pink diamonds, which has the colour that is unbeatable by any other stone.

Making of Argyle pink diamond:

Every Argyle pink diamond stone resembles a smaller token of affection, unpredictably made from unpleasant jewel to finely polished treasure by the hands of the best craftsmen on the earth.  The care taken by a diamond cutter combined with the speciality of nature turns into a masterpiece by them.

The complex structure of argyle pink diamonds makes them harder to cut, and their polishing takes three to four times longer in comparison to white diamonds. But there is no substitution for the highly trained eye.

The natural fancy coloured diamonds are great, while the argyle pink diamonds are exceptional. They are so rare that less than a whole year's amount of supply over half a carat would come in the palm of one's hand, whereas the red, blue and violet diamonds can be easily calculated on only one hand alone.

Few best guidelines which should be followed to buy a diamond earring:

1.Make up your budget.

2.Choose a precious metal type and colour which goes well with your pink diamond. Platinum is the best metal to choose when you’re buying argyle pink diamond earrings.

3.Decide the weight of the metal you want to buy as per your purpose and use. For example, if you're going to wear your earrings daily, you can purchase light metal diamond earrings. And if you have to buy it for occasions, go for a good weight of metal.

4.Look for any allergies related to any metal. Many people are allergic to various metals, so avoid choosing that metal for your diamond earrings.

5.If you are self-designing your earrings, make sure your diamonds of both earrings match in shape and size. This ensures that your earrings complement each other rather than giving an odd look.

6.If you are buying a pre-set made, then keep in mind to check its various specifications.





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